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Seduction Volume 5: Hypnotic Seduction

Hello Gentlemen!

Hope you had a Great Holiday season so far and are Planning on a great New Year! In this episode I finally get to the Hypnosis Article I have been telling you about. It is an hour jam-packed on Hypnotic Seduction and what happens in the brain.

We are guys and we like Maps…so i do my best to build a Map for what is happening in the brain while using hypnotic languaging…and why this is important with women. If you have a good map telling you where you are going it makes the trip much easier….if you know the map to seduction…the trip is much easier.

The tantric interview went in a little different direction than I expected. We are going to do another that is a little bit lighter in subject matter.

By the time we were done it was more like we were teaching a class than interviewing, and having fun.

Here is the link to vote with in the next few days as the New Year arrives. The bonus is good for those that vote in the first week!

Enjoy the show!!!

Seduction King

Seduction Volume 4

Ok, this is it for the year that is and maybe for this blog.

Now on this Podcast I read some letters, and a great article about a woman who got ENLIGHTENED THROUGH ANAL SEX…THATS RIGHT!!…

I will explain how this can help you become more of a master seducer…really!!!!

Lots more to come…soon 🙂


Seduction King

Seduction Volume 3

Hey Guys & Gals!

Today we have another Nathan interview in the continuing saga of his “10” at work. I also tell my story of my encounters with Ross Jeffries in the past.

I have another friend that called me during a coaching session with”T” in the UK. I thought I had the mute on and didn’t…so he heard my friend describe how him and his wife brought home a drunk co-worker who was smoking hot, because she didn’t have a ride home and hurt her leg. My buddy tells how she got naked and begged him to screw her while showing her the guest room in the house, all the while his wife is naked and hot for him downstairs. Whew!!!

He said it makes his wife hot knowing such other beautiful women are after him. He said everything he is learning is making his marriage better.

and finally i have a great piece of music from a listener in Australia Michael. His song is “Waxed” a song about all the lovely ladies getting waxed these days.

Until next time, enjoy!!!


Seduction King

PS: Just got a great email about doing the interview with this hot Tantric Sex Healer…its a go

Seduction Volume 2

In this podcast, I tell about my recent trip, and an interesting story about how taking a chance can lead to something interesting.


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Seduction Volume 1

Seduction and anything Seduction Related

Here is a test Podcast for the new seduction site


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