Friday, December 23, 2005

Seduction Vol4--New MP3's--Letters and a Crazy article you will love!

Seduction and anything Seduction Related

EDIT: Here is the NEW Feed

Ok...for the year that is and maybe for this blog.

I am moving to a new blog where i can run all my Stats through one RSS or XML feed.It will make it much easier for me..and hopefulle bring the new blog into the top 10 @ itunes.

Here is the new blog location:

My new Mp3 products are now available You can chack them out here :

Two of the products are more for the NLP & Hypnosis crowd...but can give you a advancement in knowledge with these subjects.
Those two are the 3 hour interview on "Hypnotic Language; Its structure and use"....and the second one is Introduction to "States of Equilibrium" ( 52 minutes)

The third product we made for the listeners..and anyone for that matter. I asked Dr. Burton if there were certain things that if used can improve how we go through life easier.
He said yes ( Now mind you he knows what my listeners want) He said if we can integrate these 3 things into most things we will change our lives...he said it will give Total and Permanent Freedom in 3 easy we named the Product exactly that..."Total & Permanent Freedom in 3 East Steps......Guaranteed!....and i said "Or your old life back :-) "

This product is almost and hour and has a 40 minute introduction to the 3 principles and then a special treat...Dr. Burton does a 20 minute trance using his best metaphors and techniques to install them in you....This is Great stuff at a Awesome price.

If you want to go directly to the order page and it is:

Now here is the pricing deal:

(If you have purchased anything from me) in the past you get $5.00 off of the "Hypnotic Language Interview" or the "Total & Permanent Freedom Interview" and Hypnosis session by Dr. Burton.

The "Hypnotic Language" MP3 gets you the "States of Equilibrium" MP3 for free...even if you have not purchased before!

and you get both if you have purchased you get $5.00 off and the "States of Equilibrium" MP3, if you have purchased the book or Hypnosis MP3 in the past or even now!

For The people who have bought before ... If you buy the new "Total & Permanent Freedom" MP3... you have a choice of either the $5.00 off or the "States of Equilibrium" MP3

If you have not purchased in the past you are still getting a heck of a bargin for this information and will get major discounts in the future since you will now be a buyer.

I am sending the $5.00 off code to all buyers upfront....if you want the MP3 instead or you get it with : Hypnotic Language...please send me a quick email with reciept and i will send the link ASAP ( Remember this is Christmas ) @

Now on this Podcast i also read some letters and read a great article about a woman who got ENLIGHTENED THROUGH ANAL SEX...THATS RIGHT!!...and i will explain how this can help you become more of a master seducer...really!!!!

Lots more to come...soon :-)



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