Friday, December 30, 2005

Seduction Vol-6 Seduction for the New Year!

Seduction and anything Seduction Related

Hey Guys!

Almost our 1 year anniversary With the Seduction Podcast...i started Podcasting with another Podcast over a year ago November the time i was the 175th podcast on the only directory at the time

Now there are as many as 30,000...depending on what you consider a podcast

Still staying high in the rankings...thanks to all of you!

Today i get into Letters...we have questions, testimonials, comments and suggestions.
I fill in the blanks with Lots of info for you seduction pleasure.

I get a little pissed at this wacked out bitch who steals info from this show and slanders me and my guest...but she has some fun coming her way..soon

I tell you about the Amazing Bonus for is 2 hours of action packed information.
The first 1.5 hours is an interview i did with the Tantric Sexual Healer and Goddess Tracy.
She will give you gobs of information that will help with your Seducing.

Then i finish the rest of the BONUS MP3 by teaching you one of the most...if not the most...powerful hypnotic peocesses to get women to do your bidding...or in sales...or relationships etc...etc... with men! This really works amazingly!!

And it is all yours for going to and voting for my show.
Here is the link:

Go to the above Link ON or AFTER JANUARY 1ST.
Vote and leave a comment if you want...Then Podcastalley will send you an email with a link in it (to make sure it is You ) on the link to make sure it is you...and then send me the proof that you voted...and it is yours...for FREE

Lets Make 2006 the best year yet!!!!...or at least the wettest... :-)

Enjoy the almost 3 hours of New Years eve Seduction information...and get ready for some New surprises coming up!!

Happy New Years Guys!



Seduction King

PS even though we are on a new show we are still voting for the old 0one because they have not put up my new one in the last 10 days...hey what are you gonna do?????


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