Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Seduction Vol-5---Hypnotic Seduction

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Hello Gentlemen!

Hope you had a Great Holiday season so far and are Planning on a great New Year!

In this episode i finally get to the Hypnosis Article i have been telling you about.
It is an hour Jam Packed on Hypnotic Seduction and what happens in the brain.

We are guys and we like i do my best to build a Map for what is happening in the brain while using hypnotic languaging...and why this is important with women.
If you have a good map telling you where you are going it makes the trip much easier....if you know the map to seduction...the trip is much easier

The tantric interview went in a little different direction than i expected. We are going to do another that is a little bit lighter in subject matter.
By the time we were done it was more like we were teaching a class than interviewing ....and having fun.
So since we had so much great information in the 1 hour 30 minute interview...i figured i would offer it as a part of the "Podcast Alley" voting bonus along with my powerful technique that i have used on many different woman and used it to get my ex- to marry me in a very short time...this alone is worth much money...and you will get it for free for voting the first week of January

Here is the link to vote with in the next few days as the New Year arrives. The bonus is good for those that vote in the first week!!!

Remember to send me the reciept that you voted that will be sent to you by Podcast Alley. You must click on the link that they send to you to verify your vote...Thanks Ahead of time!

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Enjoy the show!!!


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