Monday, December 19, 2005

Seduction Vol-3, Naked woman , Nathan Interview & My encounters with Ross Jeffries

Seduction and anything Seduction Related:

Hey Guys & Gals!

Today we have another Nathan interview in the continuing saga of his "10" at work

I also tell me story of my enounters with Ross Jeffries in the past.

I have another friend that called me during a coaching session with"T" in the UK...i thought i had the mute on and he heard my friend describe how him and his wife brought home a drunk co-worker who was smoking hot, because she didnt have a ride home and hurt her buddy tells how she got naked and begged him to screw her while showing her the guest room in the house...all the while his wife is Naked and hot for him downstairs..whew!!!

He said it makes his wife hot knowing such other beautiful women are after him...He said everything he is learning is making his marrige better

and finally i have a great piece of music from a listener in Austrailia Michael: song is "Waxed" a song about all the lovely ladies getting waxed these days

Till Next time :-)



Seduction King

PS: Just got a great email about doing the interview with this hot Tantric Sex Healer...its a go


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