Breaking the Seduction Code: It’s Time to get to YES

Learn and Install Advanced Seduction Techniques … Distilled into an Easily Understandable Code!

The SEDUCTION CODE has been Broken by a Master Hypnotherapist who says:

“After over 20 years of getting deep inside of women’s minds and hearts, and studying the master seducers who get in there effortlessly, I figured out an “amazing” code I can teach you. And, as a hypnotist, I can even install this SEDUCTION CODE in you.”

It took me 20 years to develop an understanding of this ability. I wasn’t going to just give my knowledge to just anyone. But then several amazing turns of events happened that forced me to give up this SEDUCTION Gold.

This stuff is magic, and I wanted it all for myself. Here is an example of why:

The other night I was out at a bar with a friend of mine who is well known around town for being a master Seducer. He is a good looking guy, dresses to the nines, and he knows how to get the women. Another guy, a city police detective, who is also great with women was there and they were both competing for this extraordinarily hot bartender. I have my buddy on my left and this detective on my right and this goddess, Brittany, right in front of us.

I am watching and listening to these two do their stuff and listening to Brittany respond. When I had enough information I started with the SEDUCTION CODE principles. After a while, my buddy and I started to put on our jackets to leave.

Brittany handed ME her email address and phone number. I said I would email her, and she asked if I was in the phone book, and could she call me sometime.

This is the BEST part.

When she went over to help another customer both my buddy, the detective, and another guy all looked at me with mouths open and the all asked me “What the Heck did you do to get her number?”

I smiled and said, “I’LL NEVER TELL.” I got up and walked away.

You can understand why I would want to keep this knowledge for myself. But I changed my mind, and now you can learn from my experience. I’ll let you know why I changed my mind in a minute.

Read on…

You wouldn’t expect to open a safe without the combination, would you?

But yet, you keep wasting time and hard-earned money striking out over and over while the “same jerks” are successful with new women every night… and you’re “forever alone” while other guys are home being doted on by beautiful women.

You might even have sunk into believing “I am not cut out to attract or pick-up women.” Maybe you might even believe you’re stuck with the “leftovers.”

Or worse, you’re married to someone you know “loves” you, but you still can’t get the SEX or intimacy you desire!

If you are not getting great sex every time you want it, it is simply because you have not yet learned the secrets of Breaking the Seduction Code.

Just like a safe has a combination, SEDUCTION has a code. Men and women are programmed for seduction. It doesn’t matter how rich, attractive, or famous they are; the underlying programming is the same. After all, without sex the human race wouldn’t have gotten very far, would it?

It should be as easy as tying our shoes. For most of us, it is not.

And it has nothing to do with you!

It isn’t your fault.

Certain elements in modern society have “trained” us to ignore the code or worse. Some elements have even trained us to do the exact opposite!

Most men have no idea how to stimulate attraction in women! And most men who are attracting the women they want don’t really know why they are successful. That’s why when you try the techniques they tell you to use, you still lose.

Men who are successful with women don’t know their secret to success. They don’t that they have unconsciously broken the SEDUCTION CODE.

The SEDUCTION CODE is a proven, natural sixth sense that helps men and women connect. Your instinctual nature knows what to do, but it has been contaminated by elements in modern society. Advertising, movies, the glamour of television, myths perpetuated by other men, and even women themselves have all contributed to the demise of the seduction code!

What the media shows isn’t real life. That’s not the way it works. Women can’t tell you what they want because society programs them in ways that make them lose touch with their own instincts.

How powerful would you be if you could lead women to a place where you can show them what they want? Breaking the Seduction Code teaches you how to do just that… and more.

I am one of the lucky ones that has broken free of these barriers to seduction. And now, I can help you break free from what you don’t even realize is stopping you from getting to YES.

I have studied it.

I have learned it.

I have used it in seduction… and in relationships.

I have successfully taught it.

And I have perfected it!

And just how did I do all of this? How did I become a true master of the SEDUCTION CODE?

Through my work as a therapist, coach, and trainer for over 20 years, I’ve discovered the truth of these secrets. I’ve heard the stories. I’ve seen the patterns. And I’ve discovered that BOTH men AND women were dissatisfied with their sex lives. No one was happy.

The women told me through their unconscious cues what they were looking for. And the men had the desire to give them what they wanted, but they were completely unaware of what it was… or how to give it to the women they desperately wanted to connect with!

I began to read ALL of the books. I listened to the audios and watched the videos. You’ve seen them. Some of them say to do one thing. Others say to do completely contradictory things.

Armed with what I had learned from my work with hundreds of men and women, I took the best of the best from these books and began to create a list of possible seduction tools.

Then I began the interview process. By interviewing hundreds of successful men about how they became successful with women, I found that what they said they were doing wasn’t really what was happening. Here we were again, seeing men who thought they had the answer, but they too had no idea.

My training in hypnosis, NLP, neurosemantics, and other modalities gave me the expertise to decipher the code they didn’t even know they were using. I found the key to Breaking the Seduction Code! I found out exactly what was happening… and why!

Then, finally, it ALL fit together! Having sex is genetically CODED into every man and woman! Every single one of us! It is as natural and important as breathing.

Finally, and most importantly, I began to experiment. I put together what I learned from my clients, the books, and the men who were successful seducers. I know from PERSONAL experience what works. I also gave my clients suggestions based on the CODE and watched in amazement as their love lives turned around! I perfected the techniques. I cracked the SEDUCTION CODE once and for all!


It is a combination of:

  • Attitudes
  • Subconscious thoughts
  • Nonverbal cues
  • Patterns of thoughts
  • Physical sensations
  • Verbal expression from you… and between you & her

But most importantly for men, it is discovering one fundamental fact: Women actually want sex more than men!!

Women are just waiting for men that can give them the right context to say “YES!”

I’ve put everything I know about the CODE into a book – just for you! Now you can LEARN the CODE and be a successful seducer!

Wow!! This book REALLY works. I had tried everything. I was the kind of guy who could get the date but no matter what we did or how much money I spent, I kept getting the door slammed in bed. I became a regular at: Barnes and Nobles skimming books on psychology and dating. Finally, I swallowed my pride and talked to some of my buddies who I knew were scoring right and left. When, what I read or was told didn’t work, I thought it was just me. I decided I was just to preoccupied with all this and admitted to myself that I was questioning my “manhood.” Before I bought your book, I promised myself it would be the LAST ONE. If it resulted in the same humiliation I had felt so many times before, I was just going to give up. Well, it is the LAST ONE, but not because I am home alone every night. The SEDUCTION CODE really works!!! Doors that had been slammed in my face were suddenly wide open with “I AM READY” signs hanging on them. And no wonder! When I read your book, I quickly saw how all the gimmicks I had tried were actually turning women off.

It has been a little more a month now. I now know what sex is like with four women I had always fantasized about. And, I got the satisfaction of saying “NO” to a fifth I had thought I wanted for a long time that always left me handing. More importantly, I met, Veronica. No one has every made me this happy. She may well be the “last one,” too. She is more that I have ever dreamed of.

Thanks, Seduction King, for unlocking the SEDUCTION CODE for me.

Canton, Ohio

PS Veronica say to tell you thanks, too and that you deserve a great big hug.


I’ve had the chance to learn from many different coaches and teachers, but I want to say that the Seduction King is really something special. First off, he has an exceptional knack of communicating to you in a way that puts you at ease, and allows you to express yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable. He really takes the time to ask questions that get to the core of the issue that you want to discuss, and he does this in a very non-pushy and non-judgemental way. He is not the kind of person who makes assumptions about you or gives you snap judgements – he makes sure that he has a good handle on your problems without wasting your precious time or his.

The Seduction King’s problem-solving skills are second to none – he explains concepts to you in a language that you will understand, and in a way that is best suited to your needs.

My last conversation with Seduction King went on a completely different route than I anticipated – but through his amazing intuition, I ended up getting the exact understanding that I was looking for.

He is one of the most straight-up guys I’ve ever come across and he uses his talents as a force for universal good.

He is dedicated to sharing his gifts of intuition, expertise and honesty in an ethical way (and he succeeds)!

Seeking out and taking the Seduction King’s advice has turned out to be one of the very best investments in time and money that I have ever made.

Tony C.

Hey Seduction King,

I just wanted to let you know how amazing your book is. I have read it three times now and it gets better every time i read it. I have heard David D’s and R. J.’s and they both have good information, but it doesn’t compare to what you are putting out there. I especially like the fact that you are giving people a foundation to succeed not only with women but with life in general, because i have found the two of them are closely related.

Anyway im a freshman in college. I’m a really good looking guy and have naturally been able to attract very beautiful woman, my problem was just that i didn’t understand women and how they think. That is where listening to the podcasts and reading the book helps me out. I soak up everything you say and it really helps.

I love the podcatsts and the book please keep it up.

Your friend from Salt Lake,


One of the most important changes I have experienced since learning this material is a better understanding of the dynamics between men an women. It has brought about a major change in my self esteem and attitude toward meeting women. I don’t beat myself up when things don’t work out, instead I use the experience to learn and grow and then move on. I don’t dwell on what went wrong, instead I concentrate on what went right. I feel like I am getting closer to my goal of becoming a master seducer. But more important is gaining a better understanding of what works and how I can help other guys achieve more success with women.

San Diego

The Seduction King’s book, Breaking the Seduction Code, is different and powerful because it speaks to you as a man on a very deep level. Don’t expect to be hand-held step-by-step. Instead, just read the book several times and you will notice your perspective changing and your attitude improving. I’m a huge fan of the Seduction King’s book and all his products because he’s an expert and a strong advocate of healthy relationships between men and women. He has directly helped me reclaim and assert my positive role as a man in a society that quite often discourages men from doing so. His products have also directly enhanced my interactions and relationships with women and all others in general. So download it!


Los Angeles

I know how to teach men the SEDUCTION CODE. Breaking the Seduction Code, is not a bunch of useless pick-up lines and worthless moves. It teaches you about the code. You learn how a woman’s mind really works and what she really wants. I give you both perspectives…from her point of view… and from yours! You learn what is stopping you from giving her what she wants! Once you understand the CODE, you will see what you have been doing wrong all these years!

I will train your mind in the ways of the SEDUCTION CODE so that women will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame! And you won’t need a fancy sports car, a buff body, a fat wallet, or Brad Pitt looks!

When it comes to women, which situation is more like you?

Both of these men are REAL and their stories are TRUE!! Really!

I know both of these men and I know their stories. The first man simply does not have the combination. He does not know the CODE. He believes that SEDUCTION is about:

Good looks – FALSE!!!

Having money – FALSE!!!

Being a NICE guy – FALSE!!!

Following all the Social & Dating Rules–FALSE!!!

He is a great older gentleman that has only enjoyed the pleasure (if it really was) of a woman ONLY 2 times in 65 years of life!! He still loves his wife and is still trying to have sex with her. Will that be you when you are 65???

Or will you be like the second guy? Enjoying the woman or women of your dreams??

How do I know this is true? Remember guy #2? The one who has tons of women and feels better than he has ever felt? His name is Dan and I taught him what he needed to know! I simply spent a few hours teaching him just a FEW of the hundreds of amazing SEDUCTION code secrets in my book, Breaking the Seduction Code.

The next time I saw Dan, I didn’t even recognize him. He had lost 90 pounds. He reported being happier than he had ever been. His confidence level was through the roof. He had gotten out of a bad relationship with a high-maintenance nag and was having fabulous sex! Dan had his CHOICE of women!! and one that was rocking his world 🙂

Dan said it all started with applying just a few of the SEDUCTION CODE secrets I taught him. And get this—he didn’t start losing weight until AFTER he started scoring with women!! You see, his success with women changed his image of his body and that empowered him to get into shape. Knowing the CODE changed more than his sex life!

Imagine that kind of change happening to you! And it can be YOU if you read and let the SEDUCTION CODE work for you.

Two things will happen once you discover Breaking the Seduction Code:

Increased self esteem and improved self image! You will feel like the kind of man that DESERVES the company of a beautiful woman. You will no longer look at other men as more deserving and beautiful women as untouchable. Because you will have this confidence, the RIGHT words and actions will naturally flow from you and you WON’T have to memorize reams of meaningless pick-up lines and techniques!!

Women will respond positively to you. Women will begin flocking to you and throwing themselves at you. I am not kidding!! Women will sense your seductive power and be drawn to you. You won’t even have to say a word!! They will work as hard at being around you as you once did to get them around you! They will do just about anything to be “your woman.” It is amazing when beautiful women look at you like you used to look at them. It is like flipping a switch!

I know that these two things will happen. It is one thing to find out how masterful seducers are doing what they are doing. It is another to explain it! And it is even another to successfully get these concepts working inside of you to draw women to you like a magnet.

My goal is not just to teach you the SEDUCTION CODE. I hope to get you to become a master of the seduction code!

Heck, one guy you will read about in the book called me after a few months begging me to help him turn off the effect he was having on women! He felt bad about saying “no” to all of them and had more women than he could handle. He was afraid he was going to get himself into trouble, by them finding out about each other…because this was just what he accomplished…at work!!

And just a few short months earlier, he couldn’t get a date with any ladies, let alone swarms of women looking like they stepped out of the swim-suit issue of Sports Illustrated.

How would you like to have that problem?! Poor guy!

Breaking the Seduction Code will reprogram the “mental software” in your head.

Breaking the Seduction Code installs this deep in your unconscious mind so it becomes natural.

Breaking the Seduction Code has helped thousands of men to get them right where you want to be!

This is not a book that focuses on how successful I have been in picking up women. It reveals the principles followed by master seducers, clears your mind of the clutter that has been tripping you up, and provides the motivation and confidence to go out and seduce the woman of your fantasies.

There are two mains reasons that you are not getting what you want from women. And trust me, they have nothing to do with how you look or your current income.

Fear. You are afraid of something and we will identify what those fears are and show you some quick ways to remove them.

Lack of knowledge. People don’t move towards what they want because they don’t have any idea how to do it. I will show you how those that know the seduction code think and feel while around women. And, more importantly I will show you how to adopt those thinking patterns and feelings of confidence with women…. for yourself!

Is this you? Are you afraid of women? Do you quake in your boots when you have to talk to them? Do you fear rejection? Do you fear that you are not good enough?

Even though you want a great sex life and women hanging on your every word, are you clueless as to how to get this accomplished? Have you tried and retried everything you know and still NOTHING seems to work?

You are not alone! And after reading this book, you will no longer be afraid. You will no longer feel lost or clueless.

Just as we are taught how to walk, we must be taught about the SEDUCTION CODE! The CODE is a natural part of you, but our society has made SEDUCTION far too complicated and taught you things that will get you NOWHERE with women! As a matter of fact, you have been taught ANTI-Seduction skills.

That’s right! You’ve been taught “SEDUCTION skills” that are not useful at all! These limitations serve to repel women….They are not part of the natural CODE and work against what you really want!

Being successful in SEDUCTION is as easy as learning the RIGHT set of skills – and ANYONE can learn them! It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, underpaid, and balding! It doesn’t matter if you’ve NEVER been successful with women before. It is just a matter of unlearning the lies and learning the truth!!

You’ve been taught that you have to be a certain way to get the privilege of having sex with beautiful women – mostly it is about looks and money, right? Stop believing the lie!!

Change your mindset!

Those that understand the CODE believe that beautiful women are “privileged” to have sex with them – not the other way around! Read that again!!! A man who knows the CODE believes that hot women are out hunting for someone just like him!

Just this simple change of thought will make a world of difference in your sex life!

And this is JUST ONE of the many things you will learn in Breaking the Seduction Code.

If you are terrible at meeting women, then read this book!

If you are already good at meeting women but can’t get them in bed, then read this book!

If you want a new lover every night, then read this book!

If you want one special lady in your life, then read this book!

If you have a special lady, but find your sex life is a disaster, then read this book!

Whatever your unique situation, whatever you most desire when it comes to women, reading this book will help you get it!!

And Now, for a Sneak Preview of the Powerful CODE Techniques You Will Learn in Breaking the Seduction Code!

Keep in mind that this is just a sample!

The 10 most believed lies that get you NOWHERE because they deny the desire for sex within all of us!!

How to create a game she wants to play that will lead her directly to your bedroom!

How to make a date to a restaurant, even at a fast food joint, so sensual that she will be craving your body before you even get to dessert!

How to look at and talk to a “10” without fear or hesitation.

How to have the “quarterback getting the cheerleader” mindset even if you are a couch potato!

How to be more of who you are while getting more of what you want!!

What men and fleas have in common and how to avoid the similarities!

How to turn the table on women and make them the willing aggressor!

Important movies to watch to learn the techniques of the CODE as well as the results of using these techniques.

How a simple discussion of the most recent “Chick Flick” can get her hot and begging to be your lover!

And much, much, much more…

BONUS #1: Get actual audio sessions from me!

That’s right…over three hours of audio bonuses on MP3’s that go with the book. I created a special page for book buyers to go to and listen to these audio lessons…Immediately!!!

And I also have a podcast where we talk about these issues at length. There are close to 100 hours of audio from that show available, too.

Bonus #2: This MP3 audio BONUS is worth Hundreds of $$ Dollars…and a huge amount of change.

Get a woman’s perspective on everything you learn about the CODE!!

Unlike other books that “bash” women and tell you how to “fool” or “trick” them, MY BOOK has embraced women and gone so far as to get their opinions on these secrets!

My editor, a woman AND psychologist, and one that unabashedly attests to loving men and loving sex, has added her comments throughout the book with her “Teri Tells” comments! She willingly has shared her thoughts from a woman’s point of view.

And Teri is not just ANY woman, but a woman that has studied the CODE, knows the CODE, and believes the CODE to be the answer to both men and women’s problems getting the sex they desire!!

Take a look at one of the many “Teri Tells” you will find in Breaking the Seduction Code: This BONUS is Priceless!!!

Get my book now – There is no need to wait!!!

What would it take for this e-book and bonuses to be worth your while? You decide for yourself.

Perhaps it is a great date with someone you’ve wanted for a long time.

Perhaps it is a feeling of confidence that you’ve never experienced before.

Perhaps it is discovering that women find you attractive.

Perhaps it is creating a sex life that satisfies all your desires.

Whatever it is, Breaking the SEDUCTION Code will get you to your goal. So, read the book, and get out there! You deserve to have all your dreams fulfilled!


The Seduction King

PS What have you got to lose other than a great sex life? Try my book. Try the CODE techniques and watch your love life soar to heights beyond your wildest fantasies!